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New Tastes for Redskins Post-Season Game Day

5 Jan

New things are always bright and shiny. My new kitchen – although not necessarily bright and shiny – just begs to be used. No longer am I crammed in a half-galley apartment kitchen with approximately two and a half feet of counter space for preparation. No longer am I bound to stews and soups that made the most of my inadequate space.

So this Saturday morning was different when I woke at 7am. My suburban paradise allows me to roll out – in my sweats and Uggs –  stop by Le Bledo for a ca phe sua da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee with condensed milk) and head over to Fresh World for my extensive grocery list. This weekend will be the first where we really have nothing to do since moving into our new home. The Redskins hosting the Seahawks this Sunday in the first round of playoffs calls for a special game day menu.

Now that I have room to prep, I’m going all out for beer and football dishes. On the menu – if all goes according to plan – are staples such as Chao Tom (shrimp patties on sugarcane sticks) and Nem Nuong Cuon (Grilled Pork Patty ricepaper rolls). Oh, and don’t forget Banh Pate So (or Chaud Pate – delicious meat and pate pastries – the best of Vietnamese/French snacks) for breakfast. Continue reading


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