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Oh My Pho Ga – Chicken Pho Noodle Soup Recipe

21 Jan

If you’re like us, snow days are pho days. Except today, I had zero interest in going out in to sub-arctic temperatures and a swirling snow storm. So after waking up to find out OPM graciously closed the government I ran out to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

The last time didn’t go so well, and I heard somewhere (or just made it up) that Pho Ga, Chicken Pho, is easier. A language lesson for you today – my husband corrected me this morning on my pronunciation of ga.

Me: Anh, I’m going to make Pho Ga (fuh gah) today for lunch!

Him: Great! But it’s not Ga like Lady Gaga. You have to drag and drop the “g”. 

Me: Oh, ok. But I like the sound of Pho Gaga

I have no idea how to type that “g” pronunciation except to explain it as if you’re taking a big theatrical “gulp” in the back of your thought. Know what I mean? Do that on the front, but not like you’re on stage.

Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up. Here’s the recipe, which thankfully turned out really really nom. After lunch, Anh said, “Maybe you should just make Pho Ga and then add beef at the end, would you even notice the difference?” Resounding endorsement!

Bowl of Pho Ga chicken noodle soup with fresh Thai Basil, bean sprouts, onions and lime

I took some shortcuts, because none of my soups using just the bones have ever turned out particularly flavorful. If you want to be super chef, go for it! The liquid amounts will be the same, but just dial back the seasoning a bit and taste/adjust as you go. Continue reading

Let There Be Pho

16 Mar

The weatherman said today was supposed to be cold and rainy with chance of sleet. Tell me why this afternoon we ended up tilling and weeding what will be our flowerbed out front without jackets. I guess I should know better by now when we have had several epic weatherman failures already this year. #Snowquester, anyone? The one good thing to come of my faith in weather forecasting was another attempt at homemade Pho.

As an aside, Pho is pronounced as if you’re asking a question. Get that inflection going. This guy wrote an entire post about it.

After my first epic fail attempt at pho, I now know what bones to buy. The first time all Super H had available were knuckles. We ended up with oily water and a last minute phone call to our neighborhood Chinese carry-out.

So this morning I was determined to get my sliced beef leg bones on my morning grocery store run.

Me: [holding up package of nondescript beef bones] Excuse me, are these beef bones?

Meat guy: Um, you want beef bones?

Me: Yes, I want beef leg bones. Are these leg bones?

Meat guy: Yeah….?

Me: Perfect, this is exactly what I want.

Meat guy: [head cocked] Really? Are you sure?

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Suburban Family Fun

13 Jan

Since moving in to our new(to us) home we haven’t had a weekend that wasn’t scheduled with holiday activities or other obligations. Friday brought more settling – hanging or framing photos from our engagement shoot, vacations and treasured family memories – so things feel more like *home*. I bought Valentine’s Day sprinkles at the store and sent a pic to my nieces telling them that we’ll make cookies around the holiday but they had other ideas. Boredom strikes easily for preteens and elementary schooler’s – Friday night turned in to a slumber party at Aunty and Chu Ba’s. (Chu = uncle related to kids father, Ba = 3. The patriarch of the family is the first male – their Grandfather – the kids Dad is second male, so Thuan is the third eldest male relative on the father’s side. Hence, Chu3).

After a little Rock Band, we settled in to watch the Princess Bride. We’ve really enjoyed sharing classic flicks with the kids. Over the holidays we watched A Christmas Story, which they loved and still quote (You’ll put your eye out!). It’s funny because when the kids come over, they love American food that they don’t often get at home. We broke with their weekend breakfast routine and had scrambled eggs and sausage. Lunch was in the kids’ hands with personal pizza stations to top croissant crusts with veggies, meat and cheese. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes until the crust is golden brown. Learn from my mistakes – take it easy on the sauce or it won’t cook well or evenly.

Personal croissant pizza bar

Personal croissant pizza bar

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