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First Time Auntie Chef Duties

16 Jul
On July 12, 2013 at 15:41 on a humid and stormy afternoon, Baby Chase Ronald came into the world. He’s my first blood nephew, my parent’s first grand child and it’s such an honor that they chose to give him our father’s first name as his middle. 
From the moment I held him, I was in love. Hopelessly and completely. Unfortunately the little buddy and his momma had a rough landing and he ended up being transported to the Children’s National Medical Center NICU later that night. 
Holding my baby nephew

Ok so not my first time holding him, but man this kid has good genes! Way to go Mom and Dad 😉

Fortunately he has been in the best of care and is doing extremely well. To keep spirits high and bellies full (and healthy- mostly), I hit the kitchen hard Sunday morning. It’s super important to keep Mom and Dad well fed and healthy so they can continue to be there and care for Chase.
Ingredients for zucchini carrot muffins and lasagna
On the delivery menu: Lasagna packed with spicy sausage and lots of veggies, and a side of cucumber (from our garden!) and tomato salad for Mom and Dad’s dinner. Of course I couldn’t resist treats and snacks, so I made a batch of these amazing Zucchini Carrot Muffins for breakfast or snacks, and Banana Pudding Cookies (with White Chocolate Chips) that are to die for.  Continue reading

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