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Vietnamese Style Grilled Clams with Basil – Nghêu Xào Lá Quế

16 Oct

I stumbled across a recipe for linguine with clams in In Style magazine, of all places, and had to make it for supper. While shopping for game night supplies, I picked up a bag of clams for dinner later in the week. There were too many clams for dinner for two, so I decided to make a little appetizer of grilled clams – Vietnamese style.

Grilled clams

Turns out that this is another recipe that requires ingredients that are most likely already in your pantry or fridge. These grilled clams are perfect for a barbecue, Sunday Football or game night at home. All you need is to chop some fresh herbs and top the grilled clams with a few other staples.

Nghêu Xào Lá Quế – Clams with Basil

  • Clams – larger are better, but we used cherrystones we had on hand for dinner
  • Fried Crispy Shallots
  • Nuoc Mam
  • Scallion Oil
  • Fresh Thai Basil – chopped
  • Peanuts (optional)

Scallion oil, basil, cilantro, crispy shallots and nuoc mam

While you’re soaking the clams, make scallion oil. Pour oil in a small sauce pan and heat over medium low heat. Chop a few scallions – white and green parts – and drop them in the hot oil. Stir briefly until the onions just begin to cook and then take off the stove to cool completely. You’ll want to drizzle this scallion oil on vegetables, grilled meats and fish. It adds a ton of flavor to any dish.

Grill the clams until they open and remove the top shell, arranging on a platter.

Top the clams with fresh chopped basil and peanuts and then drizzle some nuoc mam, scallion oil, and crispy shallot.

Grilled clams topped with basil, crispy shallots, scallion oil and nuoc mam sauce

That’s all it takes! Try them this weekend!

Oh, and here’s the main course of pasta with clams, arugula and fresh basil that was OH so delicious. I will be making this many, many times over. Instead of linguine I used bucatini, which is a spaghetti-like pasta that is actually a long, hollow tube. This is perfect for the clam sauce as it gets sucked up the middle and you get even more flavor from the delicious, briny broth. I also slow roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes and added to the broth just before serving – a perfect flavor boost.

Pasta with Clam Sauce



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