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Let There Be Pho

16 Mar

The weatherman said today was supposed to be cold and rainy with chance of sleet. Tell me why this afternoon we ended up tilling and weeding what will be our flowerbed out front without jackets. I guess I should know better by now when we have had several epic weatherman failures already this year. #Snowquester, anyone? The one good thing to come of my faith in weather forecasting was another attempt at homemade Pho.

As an aside, Pho is pronounced as if you’re asking a question. Get that inflection going. This guy wrote an entire post about it.

After my first epic fail attempt at pho, I now know what bones to buy. The first time all Super H had available were knuckles. We ended up with oily water and a last minute phone call to our neighborhood Chinese carry-out.

So this morning I was determined to get my sliced beef leg bones on my morning grocery store run.

Me: [holding up package of nondescript beef bones] Excuse me, are these beef bones?

Meat guy: Um, you want beef bones?

Me: Yes, I want beef leg bones. Are these leg bones?

Meat guy: Yeah….?

Me: Perfect, this is exactly what I want.

Meat guy: [head cocked] Really? Are you sure?

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