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PhoWheels DC Lunchbreak

20 Apr

I have a healthy appetite and can put away some serious food. PhoWheels DC put me to the test, and won the first round. Although I work at the epicenter of tourism in DC, there are little to no food options nearby. Thankfully the DC food truck scene makes it easier to have a great lunch of nearly anything you could want, just a short Metro ride away. The line was short, and food came fast.

When given the option, I almost always go with pork belly. Theirs is 5-spice rubbed and piled high inside split french bread. They also have a croissant sub roll, which I’ll have to try next. I’m also a sucker for add-on eggs. The Sous Vide fried poached egg is amazing, and completely indulgent.

Pork Belly Banh Mi with Fried Poached Egg on top and Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Honestly, I only made it through half of the banh mi – eating the entire egg, of course. It was delicious, although the Do Chua (pickled carrot and daikon radish) was on the bland side. Major fan of the thin strips of cucumber. Too many Banh Mi spots overlook this essential ingredient.

The cà phê sữa đá (ca fe sue-uh da), Vietnamese Iced Coffee, reminds me of an ice cream version. Perfect for the hot early spring day.

I’ve long been a fan of the spork – a far superior to their independent brothers. PhoWheels have CHORKS. Chopsticks + Fork = genius.  Seriously?


Another bonus, they prepare amazing Vietnamese dishes off the truck. Check out their Instagram channel for inspiration.


Battle of the Banh Mi, SXSW Style

9 Mar

SXSW is as much about technology, innovation, and inspiration as it is about food and local culture.

Last night we went to a Food + Tech happy hour at El Naranjo on Rainey St – a very cool section of town with shanty houses converted to bars and restaurants. On the way out, we passed a food truck with a Hannibal-wrapped Peached Tortilla food truck that drew us in.

Not to make a snap decision, we made a loop around to see what other goods may be available. Having consumed Peached Tortilla over the past few SXSWs, to I settled on Phamily Bites (truck from Houston).

I still can’t get over paying $8 for a pork banh mi, but for you, my readers, I bit the bullet. Oh, and throw and egg on that sucker for another dollar.


Half way through.


The verdict? Sadly not worth it. They don’t use or forgot the mayo and the bread was tough and dry. The meat, egg and veggies were great but dragged down by the poor foundation.

As SXSW serendipity goes, the next event we went to at Midnight Cowboy had the good people at Peached Tortilla serving their best. Redemption came in the form of their mouthwatering Pork Belly Banh Mi Slider. On the right is a squash taco with apple sauce – seriously so good.


If you’re ever I’m Austin, find them. Eat all the tacos and the Banh Mi Slider. Everything is better with pork belly.

They win. No contest.


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