New Vietnamese Vegetable Stir Fry Dishes

22 Oct

Despite the lack of new content, I have been in the kitchen since summer. Recipes to date have been on repeat, but I tried a couple of new dishes tonight that turned out pretty well. I’m {finally} in the second trimester for bebe #2 and have been craving fresh flavors and *lots* of vegetables. (Much better than the last time where bland, white, starchy foods were all I could handle.) These aren’t perfect, but experimentation takes a few iterations. Hopefully this trend continues and will lead to more time in the kitchen!

Stir fried Vietnamese beef with eggplant and Chayote squash with shrimp

Chayote and Shrimp Stir Fry

Su Su Xao Tom

Serves 4, as side dish

  • 2 Chayote squash, julienned
  • 1/2 lb Shrimp
  • 1 tbs Oyster Sauce
  • 2 tsp Sugar
  • 2 tsp Fish Sauce
  • 2 tbs neutral oil

Chayote squash, diced shrimp and oyster sauce

Mix the sauces and sugar in a small bowl and set aside.

Peel, devein and rough chop the shrimp.

I love chayote squash; best I can describe is like a cross between an apple and squash. But the flesh wrecks my fingers — take care to really scrub the juices from your skin. Cut in half and remove the seed. The skin is really thin, so you can peel or leave it. Julienne slice and set aside.

Heat the oil in a wok or large sauté pan over medium high until hot. Add the squash and cook for a few minutes before adding the shrimp and sauce. Cook, stirring constantly, until the shrimp turn pink and opaque, careful not to overdo it.

Simple as that! My two year old *loved* this dish, and she usually doesn’t go for regular squash. This is a winner.

Stir fried chayote squash with shrimp

Stir Fried Beef and Eggplant

Bò Xào Cà Tím

  • 1 NY Strip Steak, thinly sliced
  • 1 Chinese Eggplant, julienned
  • 2 Scallions, cut in 2 inch chunks
  • 1 inch Ginger, minced
  • 3 Garlic Cloves, minced
  • 1 tsp Sesame Oil
  • 1 tbs Maggi (or other dark soy)
  • 1 tbs Sugar
  • Few splashes Fish Sauce

Another super simple dish that I’ll definitely come back to. The below recipe is already adjusted, but I may make further revisions. Anh said this would be even better with Thai Basil and chili, more Thai style. Not a bad idea!

I grabbed a NY Strip out of morning shopping trip hunger, but any cut will do. Slice thin and mix ginger, garlic, sesame oil, Maggi, sugar and fish sauce to marinate for 30 minutes.

While that’s hanging out, cut the eggplant and set in bowl of cold water with salt. Wash and trim the scallions. Drain the eggplant well and get the pan ready.

Marinating beef, cut scallions and julienned eggplant

Heat neutral oil in a wok over medium high heat, and add the eggplant to cook through (about 5 minutes) stirring often. Add scallions for a couple of minutes and remove the vegetables from the pan.

Stir fried eggplant and scallions

Beautiful veggies

Add the marinated beef in a single layer and cook for a few minutes before turning and stirring to scrape the yummy bits from the bottom of the pan. When the meat is almost finished, return the vegetables to the pan and mix well.

Serve with rice and ideally a canh, which I didn’t, and enjoy!


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