Reporting to Bootcamp

2 Apr

Gyms aren’t my thing. My ADD takes over and I can’t focus so cardio machines are the death of me. When we lived in Arlington, we fully intended on making the most of the Gold’s that was literally right across the street. As in take the elevator downstairs, cross the street and walk one block. I mean how much easier does it get?

We are now just over five months away from the wedding and only four to the dam hoi. How did that happen? It’s time to get serious about getting fit.

Facebook usually gets everything wrong in terms of ads. No, I don’t want to ninja candy or crush fruit (you know what I mean). I also do not care to know who is looking at my profile, which isn’t supposed to be visible to anyone other than people I actually know and have as friends.

Needless to say I was surprised/inspired when a friend posted something about a new fitness bootcamp starting in April. I’d previously heard about the trainer Grant Hill (no, not that one) through other DC pals but wasn’t mentally ready to commit. I immediately looked at the deets, decided it was time to get serious and signed up.

Later that evening a nutrition packet arrived and I started to check out their recommendations. Fortunately I’m not that far off from what they suggest for healthy eating and living. Unfortunately they’re not big fans of grain, sodium and z wsugar. No surprise for the latter two. I’ll have to make some adjustments to my cooking but am going to give it my all.

Cue Amazon.

I now have a tub of coconut oil, Red Boat organic fish sauce (with no added sugar), and coconut crystals added to my culinary arsenal.

I’m enjoying cooking with the coconut oil and the Red Boat fish sauce is good – not as sweet as we’re used to but very good. Made great ribeye steaks and veggies with the fish sauce last weekend.

Boot camp starts today, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how I’m thriving or surviving. Not to worry – Vietnamese cooking will continue, will just make adjustments as required.

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