Saturday Night Steak-Out

30 Mar

This is life in suburbia. Wake up at 7am. Try to watch Les Mis, only to realize it is the 90s version. Settle and watch the last Twilight, only to be disappointed. All before 9am. Then came the fun part when the hubs woke up ams we set to work on the front flower garden. In went the Gold Medal rose bushes and new topsoil with humus and peat moss for the other flowers still to come.

All by noon.

After an early Easter lunch, we potted more herbs and settled in to a few Breaking Bad episodes before it was time to eat again. (what, your days don’t revolve around food?)

Steak night on the homestead is a beautiful thing.

Grilled Ribeye with Mexican grilled corn and fish sauce spiked veggies

Grilled Ribeye with Mexican grilled corn and fish sauce spiked veggies

The Ribeye Steaks marinated for four hours in:
1/4 cup EVOO
2 tbs Worcestershire
1 tbs soy
1-2 tbs dried parsley
Fresh cracked black pepper
Garlic powder

Grilled 5 minutes on each side for perfectly medium preparation. Look at this bad boy:

Grilled ribeye steak

I finally set to make grilled Mexican corn after seeing so many pins. So easy! Grilled the corn as usual – around 30-40 minutes turning every 15 minutes. The sauce was simple, too

2 tbs mayonnaise
Zest hand juice of half a lime
1 tsp cayenne pepper

mayonaise cayenne pepper and lime zest

Slather those goodness all over the griped coord and five another squeeze of lime. Manny recipes call for queso fresco, but I was fresh out and am trying to cut back.

Prepping for bootcamp next week, I’m looking at sodium and added sugar levels. I ordered a few goodies from amazon last week and broke out a new, organic fish sauce to try on our sides. Only ingredients in this Red Boat Fish Sauce are fish and sea salt. How ’bout that. It’s pretty good. Yes, of course I ate/drank it straight  – it’s saltier and has little to no sweetness compared to the usual brands. Not sure if elimination of trace sugar or extra sodium is worth the extra $15 to buy.

Red Boat Fish Sauce

Red Boat Fish Sauce 40 N – 100% pure and first press extra virgin, even.

Had a little trouble with the lid. Guess I’ll just have to leave it open amuse it fast. Too bad one bottle of this organic fish sauce brew was $17. Don’t tell hubs. That’s like 8x as expensive as what we usually use…

broken lid of fish sauce bottle

The mushrooms softened with a little evoo, a few shakes of fish ams soy sauces. This Japanese eggplant was grilled beautifully after brushed with evoo, fish sauce and fresh cracked pepper. Sliced some of the rounded skin side off so they laid flat on the grill. Cooked through in just under 10, could probably have cooked less, but wine called.

Japanese eggplant sliced for the grill

Quite a meal, indeed. There’s something to this homeownership business.

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