When you want something done…

29 Mar

Do it yourself. We called several tailors, dressmakers and seamstresses – some whom actually made ao dai of people I know – and heard the same response. They all said they didn’t know how to take ao dai measurements. And it wasn’t me calling. My Vietnamese sister in law called, so it wasn’t a language barrier. I just think they didn’t want to take the measurements unless they would be the ones to make the dress.

No thanks.

Thankfully my Mother is a talented seamstress, so she was able to take measurements for my ao dai last weekend. So with her surprise __th birthday party raging downstairs, Mom and I slipped away to fall pray to the measuring tape. A few friends clued me in on this website that has detailed measurement guide with photos to show where and how to measure specific things – biceps, lower next to nipples, etc – these measurements and closely tailored dresses are precise. So we got that done.

If you’re in the market for an ao dai, Ao Dai Vinh has lots of dresses to choose from. I picked mine from Thai Tuan, which I thought had some really great styles I couldn’t find elsewhere. Their website is pretty awful, and it’s in Vietnamese, but it is navigable. Hover over the bộ sưu tập link off to the right and picking the different sections. Which I believe are designers and lines.

Just like my wedding dress, now that I’ve picked the style, color and have my measurements in, it’s time to stop looking.

One more thing checked off the list for our my Dam Hoi/American Wedding.


One Response to “When you want something done…”

  1. Phuong November 26, 2014 at 9:05 pm #

    Hi Amanda! I came across your blog through a Google search for “áo dài Washington” and really enjoy reading about your experiences with various aspects of Vietnamese culture! I live in the DC area, and am wondering if you could pass along the contact information of the local tailors, dressmakers, and seamstresses who can make a wedding áo dài. I’m not originally from around here and don’t know where to begin Thanks so much!!

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